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Gentle, Restorative, & Yoga Nidra

Are you interested in yoga, but worry it's not right for you? Have you been hesitant to explore yoga in a studio setting? Are you curious about self-acceptance or body positivity, but don't know how to make it real? Join us for Curvy Yoga! We'll explore how to use props and strategies to practice yoga with the body you have today. At the same time, we'll learn how to use mindful inquiry to connect to our bodies and their needs. Through this compassionate approach, you'll develop the tools you need to find a greater sense of connection with your mind, body, and Self. After suffering two decades of body shame, Yoga offered me a path to acceptance and I am eager to share it with others. Beginners welcome, no toe-touching required!

Sunday evening classes are gentle, restorative, and feature Yoga Nidra - or "Yogic Sleep"; a guided meditation. The perfect way to nourish yourself deeply as you ready for the week ahead.

These classes are being offered online via Zoom for now.


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Private Lesson

Are you interested in trying this Yoga thing, but feel hesitant to join others in a public class for the first time? Do you have a steady practice and are interested in deepening or customizing it to fit your needs? Do you have a personal issue that may need some one on one attention? I can help. I offer compassionate, custom-tailored Yoga in the comfort of your own home. I will bring all the supplies we need. We will need to meet for a 20 minute phone conversation prior to meeting in person so I can understand your needs and prepare accordingly. You will receive a custom written sequence to keep for your personal practice. Ask me about multi-appointment package discounts.

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Sun's Out, Curves Out! (drop in)

Are you looking for safe companionship and a nourishing yoga practice to carry you through the summer? Feeling pent up and looking for some joyful movement? Join me for the Sun’s Out, Curves Out! summer series! This Curvy Yoga series will be an energizing practice with plenty of cooling postures and pranayama to help balance the Pitta (firey) forces of the summer months.

What’s Curvy Yoga? We work from the foundations up, to create space to stay as gentle as you'd like, with the option to build up to more challenging options if your body requests it for the day. Curvy Yoga integrates self-acceptance and body positivity through the practice of Yoga. Together, we'll explore how to use props and strategies to practice Yoga with the body you have today. At the same time, you’ll learn how to use mindful inquiry to connect to your body and its needs. Through this compassionate approach, you'll develop the tools you need to find a greater sense of connection with your body and self. Beginners welcome! No toe-touching required.

This class will be offered every Saturday morning as a series ($50 for 4 classes) or drop in ($15 per class). Pre-registration required. Please note, this is a small neighborhood park and it does not have restrooms or water fountain. Please bring your own water!

See the special COVID information below:

  • You must register in advance so I can give Willamalane a guest list for contact tracing purposes.
  • Please help keep us all safe by wearing a mask whenever you’re not on your mat, and respect the 6’ rule when laying your mat out. We will have plenty of space to spread out!
  • Bring your own props! I recommend a mat, a strap, and a set of blocks (strap and blocks optional but helpful). You can find them pretty inexpensively online or at target in town.
  • Please stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms and/or if you are at risk for severe complications.
  • Please practice good hand hygiene with frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol content).
  • Please cover coughs/sneezes with elbow or tissue. Consider bringing a small towel for sweat or coughs.
  • Please avoid touching your face.

Thank you for keeping us all safe! Register here and bring a friend!

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Yoga for Spoonies

I live with a small handful of chronic illnesses, and on any given day (or hour) I wake up feeling pretty unwell. I know I’m not alone… many of us live with chronic pain, invisible or visible, mental or physical chronic illness. I’m talking about those of us who are going to bed in pain, and waking up in pain. Those of us that have days where taking a shower is a major hurdle. Walking through life with digestive issues that leave us in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, or debilitating periods that take us out of work and out of commission. Your brain fog makes remembering to get the class on the calendar non-negotiable if you stand any chance of making it happen. I see you there with your ever-present worry, and hopelessness. I see you there with your take out boxes, messy house and your ok’est parenting. 

I also see you wanting very much to feel better. To have something to commit to that feels doable. I see you (re)committing day after day to start doing that thing you know will help you feel better; but it’s just been so hard to get up the energy to actually do it. I see you because I AM you. I do not have a Yoga Therapy certification (yet!). I do not diagnose or treat medical issues. However, I live with more health struggles than I care to and have training and personal experience using yogic strategies to cope with chronic health issues. I firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga, and invite you to join me to learn more about simple but powerful movements, breath work, embodiment, yogic philosophy and more to help ease some of the suffering of the human condition.

This practice is guided by your body, so it is appropriate for any body. Yoga for Spoonies features gentle, breath-centered movement, mindfulness and embodiment strategies to get curious and explore what the body is asking for; and different ways you may be able to give it the answer it’s looking for. You can expect to enjoy gentle stretching & strengthening postures, integrating Yin and restorative - style postures, calming pranayama (breathwork), meditation, Yoga Nidra, and self-myofascial release. You can also expect a compassionate, non-judgemental, and welcoming environment with someone who gets it. 

As always, my offerings are body-positive and size-inclusive. Classes are designed with big bodies in mind. This is a come-as-you-are kind of class! No shower or supportive undergarments required ;). Beginners welcome!

General recommended props include: bolster, 2 blocks, blankets, pillows, eye pillows, a strap, foam roller, and a couple of myofascial release balls. There is NO NEED to go buy new gear unless you really want to! Firm furniture cushions can double for bolsters, rolls of paper towels make great supports for the knees in certain poses, just about anything can double for an eye pillow, a scarf or belt could be used in place of a strap, and tennis balls are a great sub for myofascial release balls, stack up books in place of blocks - you catch my drift. I’ll post on Facebook each Sunday morning with what supplies would be good to gather.