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One year later, and taking pause

By Nichi Masters Linder

WED DEC 30, 2020

Good Afternoon Yogis!

I hope you all are finding moments of joy during this holiday season. Yoga and Ayurveda recommend we look to nature to give us an understanding of how we should behave. Living this way - in harmony with nature’s wise rhythms promotes balance and a felt sense of inner peace that’s hard to achieve when you resist. This is a time for rest and restoration, as well as taking time to turn inward for reflection. My reflections have made it clear that I need to take a step back from teaching right now, in order to make more space for the rest and restoration my body requires of me at this time.

I taught my first public class 51 weeks ago. This year has been an interesting one to begin teaching yoga in. It has been a year marked with cycles of struggle and resilience, fear and triumph, reckoning and revolution. These cycles are a familiar part of reality - they just seem to be cosmically amplified this year. I have been so grateful for my practice to keep me anchored when things have felt chaotic. Serving as a guide in your practice has been one of the things that ensured I didn’t lose sight of my own practice, even when the world felt bleak. I began teaching this time last year out of a sense of dharma, or purpose. I had something to offer that could help make this practice accessible to a community that’s often subtly or not so subtly excluded from these spaces. I went into this thinking I’d be helping others feel good. What I did not anticipate was the sense of joy, serenity and grace I receive as a result of my teaching. Thank you all, for being a part of that for me. 

Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always agree with my brain. The cold and rainy weather is  particularly challenging for my health. During this time, while we’re waiting for vaccines to roll out and the kiddos are still at home distance learning (and banging on the door during class :D), I need to release what I am able in order to make space for rest and healing.

I’m not going completely away. I do plan to continue communications - through email and my Facebook page. As spoons allow, I also plan to make some videos to share with you! Looking forward, I anticipate offering an outdoor series again as soon as the weather gets better. I hope to be able to begin offering regular classes or one-offs sooner than that, but I’m giving myself the gift of no timeline so I can truly focus on healing in this moment.

I have a sense that this life has offered me these personal challenges for a reason; and that is to transmute it into teachings in order to help others. This is something I’ve just begun to explore and intend to meditate on it more as I take a step back from the outward expression of this teaching journey and receive my own coaching. So, that is to say, this is my life’s purpose and I will be back.

I wish you all rest and deep nourishment during this turning point in the year. Let us seek the spark of divinity in ourselves and in others, and watch it grow as the days grow longer and we welcome in a new year with its new lessons and new opportunities for joy, wisdom, and belonging.